In Luxor we stayed at the Boomerang Hostel, run by an Australian/Egyptian couple, it felt like home! On our first day we booked ourselves on ALADIN tours for a group tour of the Westbank and Eastbank. Unfortunately, in laidback Egyptian style, we were ditched for the second half of the tour. Moral of the story - don't pick a tour company just because it has the same name as a Disney film! It ended up being a fantastic day though as we met an Egyptian man while watching the sunset on the Nile and sat on his felluca drinking tea and talking about his crazy girlfriends (who were married) in Cairo. After sunset we stayed on the boat  and listened to his business plan which involved Shaun standing on the street and selling tourists a felluca ride, and then us selling used mobile phones (50% commission). The next day we visited the Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, and explored the markets.

Temple of Queen Hatchepsut next to Vally of the Kings

On the Mona Lisa Felluca

Our new friend/business partner

Luxor University Rowing Team

Making tea for us

Karnak Temple

Luxor Temple

Vally of the Sphinxes - Just being excavated!

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