Jordan - Petra

After our relaxation in Dahab, I was ready to tackle the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. I think the most exciting thing about Petra is that it has so much history, is so old, and is so much of a mystery! On our first day we walked through the Canyon entrance, saw the Treasury, the Tombs of the Nobles, and climbed up the Urn Tomb. That night we walked through Petra which was lit up by candles. At the Treasury we sipped tea and listened to Jordanian music and Folktales. During our second day we saw all the sights we had missed, made the long treck up to the Monastery and highest point in Petra, we got incredibly lost and finally made our way to the High Place of Sacrifice. We held the boat up on the way back as our names weren't on the list of passengers. As the 12 security guards were deciding whether to let us leave the country, I dropped my phone in the toilet (yes yes....typical). Overall, a crazy 2 days!

The Canyon Entrance

The Tombs of the Nobles

The Treasury

Walking to the Monastery

View from the top of the Monastery

Getting lost trying to find the High Place of Sacrafice

The bedouin man who helped us find the High Place

We made it!!

Leaving Egypt

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