Dahab & Mt Sinai

The only thing to say about Dahab is that we were meant to stay there for one night and it ended up being 5 days. We spent most of our time sitting by the beach, snorkelling, and Shaun went scuba diving. We climbed Mt Sinai our first day there after no sleep the night before. Of course we (mainly Shaun) decided to go up the 4000 steps of repentance instead of the Camel Trail. With our bedouin guide 'Nigel' ahead, we made it up the mountain in 1.5hours, just in time to watch the sunset :)

Driving at 160km/hr along the desert road to Mt Sinai

Nigel and I, our hilarious guide :)

The Arch of Moses

Pointing in the direction that we had just come from

Ice covering the steps

Dahab a.k.a Paradise

The stray kitten we let inside the dorm -
bad move, it cried outside the room the entire night and was still there in the morning

The blue hole

Shaun getting ready for his Scuba Diving

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