After having spent a few days in the hussle and bussle of Cairo, we were ready for the peaceful small city of Aswan. The city is located on the glistening Nile with a beautiful view of the surrounding islands. The people in Aswan were noticably more traditional, wearing the full Jilabad and speaking little English. This did make our taxi rides exciting with cab drivers pretending to know what we were saying, negotiating a price, and then having to call a friend or pull someone over to translate. It was definately an experience walking through the markets in Aswan. We were offered spices...."this one will make her into a tiger"....."this one will give you the strength of a lion"...."this one is for your mother-in-law", we were offered trinkets..."this one is unique, handmade" (along with the other 1000 in Egypt) .... "this one is fake for your mother-in-law...this one is real for your mother", we were offered camels (in exchange for my hand in marriage), and ofcourse we were offered business cards. We spent our days in Aswan wandering through the town, having hilarious conversations with the locals, visiting temples and going on felluca rides.


Yummy Food

Philae Temple

Felluca driver on
way to Philae Temple

Captain Chillax
Shaun Sailing with Captain Chillax

Our private felluca

Ruins of Abu

Nubian Village

Botanical Gardens

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